Eligibility & Admissions Criteria

For Admission, please meet all requirements below:

Primary Care Physician and Patient

  • The patient's doctor (Primary Care Physician), the patient and the family decide to seek out
    palliative/comfort care.
  • The patient's Doctor and the Hospice of Hilo Medical Director certify a terminal diagnosis of six months if the disease runs its natural course.
  • The patient's Doctor agrees to work with the Hospice of Hilo Interdisciplinary Team.

Patient and Family

  • The patient identifies a responsible relative, friend, privately hired caregiver or caregiver support system to assist the patient in coordinating his/her care as needed. This person or persons will provide or coordinate the patient's 24-hour care.
  • The patient and the family/caregiver will provide all the necessary information to ensure the patient's proper care.
  • The patient under the age of 18 has a parent or legal guardian who will sign the "Hospice of Hilo Informed Consent Form."
  • The patient's home or care facility is reasonably clean and safe, free of environmental hazards, and free from verbally or physically abusive behavior.
  • The patient lives in the Hospice of Hilo service area of East Hawai'i from Laupahoehoe to South Point.


Serving East Hawai'i from Laupahoehoe to South Point

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